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Dr. Channing Barnett's Summer Skin Care Tips

Read About Dr. Channing Barnett's Summer Skin Care Tips


Congratulations Dr. Channing Barnett

On being a recipient of the RealSelf 100 award!


Dr. Channing Barnett's face Lights up Times Square


Dr. Channing Barnett's image graces Time Square as part of the "Real Self 100", an award that recognizes the top 2% of its 5,000 members in the Real Self doctor community. She was recognized for her commitment as a key influence in social media.



Dr. Channing Barnett Receives the RealSelf 100 Award

Dr. Channing Barnett Receives the RealSelf 100
Award for Online Commitment to Patients

Manhattan doctor receives honor for her dedication to education
on RealSelf - the world’s largest consumer source for cosmetic
surgery information.

New York, NY – April 11, 2013 – Local physician Channing Barnett has been named
one of 100 doctors to be included in the RealSelf 100, out of more than 5,000 Board-
Certified plastic surgeons, dermatologists and licensed cosmetic dentists. The award from
RealSelf, the world’s largest consumer source for cosmetic surgery information is granted
to Channing Barnett for her commitment to ensuring millions of consumers make informed
decisions about cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Channing Barnett is a board certified dermatologist, with particular expertise in dermatologic and cosmetic surgery. Daughter and partner of Dr. Jay G. Barnett who founded Barnett Dermatology, Dr. Channing Barnett is committed to helping her patients reveal and maintain the healthiest skin possible. The cornerstone of Dr. Barnett’s successful Manhattan practice is her philosophy of using minimally invasive procedures for maximum skin care results and long-term benefits. Dr. Barnett’s commitment to patient care and continued involvement in the research and development of new dermatological procedures ensures that her patients receive the most effective and sophisticated treatments available.

Through participation on RealSelf, Channing Barnett is helping prospective patients make
confident decisions about cosmetic procedures they are researching. Channing Barnett
has been reviewed by patients on and maintains a strong score of five
out of five stars. In addition, Dr. Barnett offers her professional expertise to the RealSelf
community, having answered more than 650 questions for free since joining RealSelf in

“Our Top Doctors are at the forefront of change in terms of how patients and physicians
interact,” commented RealSelf CEO Tom Seery. “The amount of expertise and time they
dedicate to the RealSelf community is unbelievable and, as a result, they have patients
walking into their office with a level of trust already established. We hear anecdote after
anecdote about patients feeling like they know their doctor because of interactions that
began on RealSelf.”

For more information on Dr. Channing Barnett please visit, and for
the full list of RealSelf 100 Award winners, visit


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