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SilkPeel Treatment

Barnett Dermatology offers a cutting-edge and proven skin rejuvenation treatment called SilkPeel® Dermalinfusion.

SilkPeel® is a non-invasive, customized treatment which simultaneously exfoliates and hydrates your skin using treatment-specific topical solutions. This unique technology is designed to stimulate the skin to produce collagen while also removing surface abnormalities. SilkPeel® also improves the effectiveness of other skin care treatments. Think of it as similar to microdermabrasion, but with greatly reduced dryness and irritation.

There are four different solutions available for use with SilkPeel®. Dr. Channing Barnett will consult with you personally to select the best one for you.

Hydrating Solution – The best solution to treat chronic dryness, fine lines and poor elasticity, and minimize large pores.
Lumixyl™ Brightening Solution – Good for treating hyperpigmentation, sun damage, melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and any unwanted discoloration.

Vitamin C Solution – Helps reduce the effects of environmental damage, detoxifies your skin, and brightens a dull complexion.
* Clarifying Solution – Patients with acne, blackheads, clogged pores, and/or oily skin will see the best results with this solution.

Silkpeel® can also be used on the body and is great for areas that are dry and rough.

Other benefits of using SilkPeel® include:

Safe and painless procedure
• Can be used for all skin types
No downtime (immediate return to normal activities)

For optimal results, Dr. Channing Barnett recommends a series of 4-6 treatments, with each treatment spaced 2-4 weeks apart.  Each treatment is $200. Package of 5 for $800!