Conditions : Cosmetic Dermatology


When tissue is damaged, the body repairs the wound by increasing production of the tough protein collagen at the wound site. A scar is an area of fibrous tissue left behind on the skin after damaged tissue has healed.

A keloid is a large, irregular scar that outgrows the site of initial surgery. A hypertrophic scar is an overgrown scar that remains within the confines of the initial injury or cut. Hypertrophic scars are usually asymptomatic, pink, relatively firm, and cord-like in nature. The tendency toward the development of hypertrophic scars may be inherited. Acne is an especially common cause of scarring, and can cause several different types of scarring.

At Barnett Dermatology, we offer many techniques to help soften the appearance of scarring. Cortisone injections can soften and flatten hypertrophic scars in most cases. Depressed scars from acne, as well as from trauma and surgical procedures, are best treated by filling the depressions with liquid injectable silicone. The altered color and surface texture of scars can also be improved with laser treatments and very light burning (electrodessication).